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BastionLinux 19/OpenStack Mitaka Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Sep 27, 2016 03:31 AM
BastionLinux 19/OpenStack Mitaka Released

We're pleased to announce the general availability of our OpenStack/Mitaka release.  This release is based upon both ours and Red Hat's packages we now have it fully plugged into our Chef infrastructure for simple, granular clustered deployments.  We are now able to take advantage of a lot of existing infrastructure to optimise the deployment and configuration of critical OpenStack infrastructure - and leverage off critical battle-hardened services common to our other offerings.

Our OpenStack is deployed with RabbitMQ by default, Redis, the latest MongoDB, and our advanced Python stack including Django 1.8.  These are already critical infrastructure in our Zenoss, Zope, Plone and Chef environments and are not only proven and optimised, but can be shared services within an OpenStack installation.

This release comes with a major upgrade to our OpenStack/Chef recipes focused around using standard Chef features to stand up and maintain clustered OpenStack installations.  We are still focused around Ironfan for cluster definitions, but the suite is compatible with Metal and other Chef technologies.

Any node/environment in which you can install/run a Chef client can be immediately added into your OpenStack - we build this into all of our operating system images, but any system can be bootstrapped with this.  Thus, the virtualisation technology you currently use can be utilised in our OpenStack. 

In this release, we've also got the latest Docker and have Nova compute available for running with Docker containers with Docker machine images integrated within Glance.

Please do contact us to arrange a free trial.