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Chef 0.10.8 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Jan 11, 2012 07:20 AM
Chef, the leading open source configuration management suite from Opscode - now available on BastionLinux!
Chef 0.10.8 Released

We've been experimenting with chef for quite some time internally, and are now making the suite publicly available on BastionLinux, our RPM-based Linux.  This is the latest 0.10.8 release and includes chef-server, chef-server-webui, chef-solr, and chef-expander.  Chef will be fully supported on BastionLinux going forward.


Chef is the final component of our large-scale server deployment and management suite:

  • BastionLinux provides SOE, release and patch management
  • Zenoss provides system monitoring and capacity management
  • Chef provides configuration management


We have also made available a public AMI of Chef for you to test and/or use independently on AWS/EC2 for your own instances.  Other  BastionLinux AMI's have the chef client installed by default.  Full operating details of this are available at