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Plone 5 is Here!

by Alan Milligan last modified Oct 02, 2018 09:05 AM
Plone 5 is Here!

Plone 5 is a major improvement upon Plone 4 in that it brings modern front-end/UI tools and practices to Plone.  HTML5, LESS, Patternslib/Mockup, RequireJS and other NodeJS-based technologies are integrated into the suite to build modern Javascript-based applications seamlessly.


Plone 5.1 contains these user-facing improvements:

  • Plone pages load faster now with better bundling of JavaScript and CSS resources
  • Plone’s built in search indexing is much faster and CPU-efficient
  • Plone supports the display of higher resolution HiDPI (“Retina”) images

Content editors and site administrators will find these enhancements:

  • Site administrators can create, edit, and manage portal actions (menu items and links) through a new control panel
  • Direct linking to groups’ details from the Sharing tab
  • New configuration registry control panel lets site administrators export, import, and add new records
  • Improved HTML filtering for preventing malicious HTML
  • Fine grained control over thumbnail images in portlets and display views
  • Support for image rotation metadata: the image will show up with the rotation that the photographer intended
  • The default order of search results is now configurable

Plone 5.1 also includes these developer-oriented changes:

  • Ability to conditionally import configuration registry records (by checking on the presence or not of specific features and Plone versions)
  • Removal of OpenID login support from Plone core
  • Removal of the old portal_quickinstaller (may be a breaking change for add-on developers)


We are shipping Plone 5 out of a separate repository,Plope 5 (for Zope and Plone). As we still support Plone 4, we have a huge range of tools and expertise to support your migration of Plone4 assets and infrastructure to Plone5. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and assist you with getting to the latest Plone!