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Managed Plone

We're excited to offer a full remotely managed Plone, either in your datacentre or on a public cloud.  It's very easy to participate in:

  1. get BastionLinux/Plone and install all of your extensions
  2. set up this IP/host on our managed portal
  3. migrate your old Plone (if you're not on BastionLinux or RHEL)
  4. sit back, enjoy full configuration management, patch and release management, system monitoring SLA management


by Alan Milligan last modified Mar 02, 2013 01:59 PM

Plone on BastionLinux

Plone ECM

We've been Enterprise Linux packaging and supporting Plone and it's vast ecosystem of add-ons for over a decade. We have integrated and support over 500 community extensions and add-ons.  These are all very well described and documented at our Zope and Plone Software Channel.  This is a very significant consideration because there is a propensity for ossification of what we think quite important corporate functionality over time simply by the nature of open source development and funding.  We underwrite the continued operability of all these packages as Plone changes and improves over time.

Our Zope and Plone channel is binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and indeed is a Plone-based 100% API-compatible varient of their Satellite infrastructure. We have worked hard to ensure this (i) so that you can still enjoy Red Hat support for your operating system layer if you've already paid for it; (ii) you can use all the standard Red Hat software update tools to get BastionLinux/Plone.

We have a range of internal programmes of work that are heavily reliant upon Zope and Plone.  Not only does this give us unparalleled expertise when it comes to Enterprise Content Management deployments and bespoke feature requests, but you can be assured that we are very much invested in the platform, releases, and patches into the future.  We also have a range of proprietry Enterprise Plone solutions including IMAP/Email client, General Ledger, Meetings, Call Centre/Ticketing solutions which we can offer to you.  We have a transparent project and programme management system which we can also make available to manage and monitor all interactions with us in the effective deployment of your Plone solution.

We have considerable expertise in non-Plone technologies and datacentre infrastructure.  We have solutions in configuration management, network monitoring and management, ISP-strength email/messaging, directory services/federation/SSO, and much more.  Our skills can reach across the breadth of your technology assets to ensure your Plone extracts maximal value for your entire organisation.