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RPM/Splunk 5 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Nov 12, 2012 06:53 AM
Splunk 5 for BastionLinux/RHEL6 with native RPM's

We've just released our repackaged Splunk 5 for BastionLinux™ (and RHEL6).  Unlike the kitchen-sink/isolationist approach taken by Splunk Inc, we are focused upon using as many native packages as possible - and thus enjoying maximal support from your vender and value for money from your licensing arrangements.

We've backported Splunk 5 to Python 2.6 and are using the same hard-core Python stack we use for Zenoss/Monitoring, and Plone/ECM.  Of course, we've been deploying Splunk 4 on this infrastructure for some time too, so we're very confident about stable, scalable systems releases and upgrades.

You can check out our Splunk 5 here.  If anyone is particularly interested, please petition us, and we'll make a publicly available Amazon/EC2 AMI Splunk for demonstration and/or upgrade dry-run purposes.

Check out our Zenoss and Chef stacks for all your remaining DevOps requirements.