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Zenoss 2.5.2 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Jul 05, 2010 07:24 AM
Zenoss Core 2.5.2 is now available for download or update on BastionLinux

We've now upgraded our Zenoss to 2.5.2 which is a maintenance release of Zenoss Core.

With Zenoss 3.0 to soon be generally released, this is probably the last 2.5.x series of Zenoss.  However, this is still a significant release in that we'll not be making Zenoss 3.x available for some time.  This is both to ensure stability of this major new release and because our Plone 4 timelines also need to be coordinated.  We're anticipating a Zenoss 3.x release for Q4 but will release a developer channel beta those interested in checking it out earlier.