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Chef 13.6.4 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Jan 04, 2018 12:22 AM
Chef 13.6.4 Released

We've released the latest Chef 13 Client and a bunch of related ecosystem updates, including Berkshelf, FoodCritic and some Knife plugins.

It is a simple matter to push this across your fleet:

$ dnf update

With the ecosystem tools, all of your command-line clients can also be trivially at the same point release.  This includes not just members of staff, but your Continuous Integration nodes (preferably Jenkins - and do talk to us about Jenkins Job Builder).

We've also upgraded our entire subscription-based LBN cookbook stack.  This allows you to setup and configure a couple of hundred of the most popular infrastructure services on Red Hat Linux variants.  From ISP-Strength email systems, to your Apache, RDBMS, MongoDB clusters, ElasticSearch - even your Chef backend services.

Do contact us to discuss your requirements.