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Plone4Zenoss - beta testers required

by Alan Milligan last modified Apr 21, 2010 10:16 PM
We've integrated Zenoss into Plone and are looking for beta testers.
Plone4Zenoss - beta testers required
A vanilla Plone skin

With the launch of Plone4Zenoss™ it's now possible to immediately bring the entire Plone ecosystem into your Zenoss environment.  Plone is an Enterprise Content Management suite and has amazing collaboration features.

We believe that Plone (in conjunction with Zope/CMF) address a number of serious structural limitations with extending Zenoss.  Plone4Zenoss™ installs a Plone site alongside your existing Zenoss/zport application and displays the Zentinel in a separate iframe.  Vanilla Plone and vanilla Zenoss - Zenoss Core and Zenoss Enterprise.

The target audience for Plone4Zenoss™ is:

  • MSP's who wish to fully control the branding of their Zenoss
  • Developers who prefer the more Pythonic toolchain around developing for the Zope Component Architecture
  • Organisations which require advanced (integrated) collaboration and documentation features

At Last Bastion Network, we have a huge investment in Enterprise-grade Zope and Plone which we can now bring into the Network Management space with Plone4Zenoss™.  This includes our Zope-focused RPM/Linux infrastructure, Flash charting/reporting tools, project and programme management, and financial, cost, and management accounting.

In the future we will be offering commercial support, but right now we're looking for some sites interested in beta-testing with Plone and Plone4Zenoss™ to give us feedback.    This simply involves us giving you a login to our download repositories and you installing our Plone4Zenoss™ stack (you can choose up2date, yum, red carpet, or python/easy_install - it's easy). 

If you're interested, join up online and drop me a note.