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Plone 4.3.2 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Sep 27, 2013 04:19 AM

We've decided that Plone 4.3 is stable enough for our Plone baseline release and are happy to announce that it's now available on BastionLinux™ and RHEL. 

Plone 4.3 has some major new features, later JQuery and much more.  Important highlights of Plone 4.3 include Diazo theming and editing, improved syndication, updated TinyMCE wysiwyg editing, and the Dexterity lightweight content framework.  The official Plone 4.3.2 release notes can be found here.

We've also been hard at work with the Amazon Marketplace team.  This is the first release to finally get into ap-southeast-2 - Amazon's Sydney/Australia datacentre.  But we've also now placed Plone on their free tier.  If you're a new Amazon customer, you can run up Plone for free for a full year on one of their micro instances.  It's never been easier to try out Plone! 

Our next release on Marketplace will probably include (which is looking quite awesome) by default.  Please do get in touch about including other featureful extensions to really showcase Plone.

System upgrade instructions on BastionLinux™ or RHEL is trivial:

$ yum upgrade


Plone 4.3.2 and much more Zope and Plone is available on our plope channel here.

A big thanks to Eric Steele and the Plone release team for their efforts. 

Check out our ZopeMonitor ZenPack for Zenoss enterprise monitoring of Zope and Plone application servers.   Check out our OpsCode/Chef cloud managed-service Plone here.

BastionLinux/Plone is available on Amazon Web Services/EC2.  Visit here for AMI's and instructions.  Enquire directly for our VMWare/vSphere and other target platform images.