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Chameleon for Zenoss

by Alan Milligan last modified Jul 21, 2012 04:26 AM
We've just released the Chameleon rendering engine for Zenoss/Zentinel. Get a 20-50% speed-up on all request-responses to your Zenoss web server.

Chameleon is an HTML/XML template engine for Python.  It’s designed to generate the document output of a web application, typically HTML markup or XML.

The language used is page templates, originally a Zope invention, but available here as a standalone library that you can use in any script or application running Python 2.5 and up (including 3.x and pypy). It comes with a set of new features, too.

The template engine compiles templates into Python byte-code and is optimized for speed. For a complex template language, the performance is very good.

We've ported our Zenoss 3.2.1 stack to use Chameleon for template rendering.  This is available as RPM's for BastionLinux and RHEL6.  You are only a yum update away from some serious performance increases.

We've also rolled it into our Zenoss 4.x RPM's - look out soon for some more announcements around our Zenoss 4 and simple migration path from Zenoss 3.x.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your high-performance/high load Zenoss installation.