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Bitcoin 0.9.1 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified May 28, 2014 06:03 AM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, in beta, is very close to release.  Our binary-compatible BastionLinux19 is now out with Zenoss, Chef, Plone, OpenStack, Asterisk, 389 Directory Server, and much more.  Just as Red Hat does long term support, this is our long term platform for delivery and support of critical cloud infrastructure.

Major changes from BastionLinux13 include Gnome 3 desktop, systemd daemon initialisation, journald system logging, Python2.7, Ruby2.0, MariaDB.



Our release of Bitcoin 0.9.1 is very granular, designed to run either in a server environment or on a desktop.  The server comes with watchdog monitoring and we've cloud-scale remote/automated configuration management with our Opscode/Chef infrastructure.



We have also released BitcoinArmory 0.91.1 which integrates with the server installation of Bitcoin.  This also comes with online and offline installation options.



We have also released the Electrum 1.9.8 desktop client as a thin-client alternative to Bitcoin/BitcoinArmory.  In addition, we've released Electrum Server 0.12 in full Enterprise configuration for large-scale clustered deployments.


Raspberry Pi

If you missed our dedicated-hardware Bitcoin wallet announcement, check it out here.  We have also released Enterprise BastionLinux19/RPi and all of this Bitcoin software and much more is available for this platform too.  We remotely configure, monitor, and manage the RPi using the same infrastructure which we manage other physical and virtual servers.


Getting BastionLinux™

BastionLinux 19 is available on a range of virtualisation platforms including VMWare, Qemu, and Docker.  It will soon be available in AWS/Marketplace.  Download instructions are here.