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BastionLinux/RPi 19 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified May 07, 2014 02:57 PM
BastionLinux/RPi 19 Released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, in beta, is very close to release.  Our binary-compatible BastionLinux19 is now out with Zenoss, Chef, Plone, OpenStack, Asterisk, XBMC, MythTV, Bitcoin, and much more.  Just as Red Hat does long term support, we intend to make this our long-term platform for RPi moving forward.

The BastionLinux™/RPi SD/flash image is downloadable here .  This image comes with a full GUI/Desktop and includes Bitcoin software.  It also includes OpsCode/Chef client and SNMP daemon so that you can opt into our Enterprise managed service offerings.

Once you've gone through the First boot GUI, simply configure your yum (/etc/yum.d/bastion.repo) to point to our BastionLinux channel(s) to download armv6hl packages.  Simply

Download and unpack the image:

gunzip bastionlinux-19.img.gz


Then mount your SD-card and copy it (assuring the correct SD device for your system):

dd if=bastionlinux-19.img of=/dev/sdc bs=4M

 You should be ready to fire up your Pi!


If you have hardware or software solutions for the RPi and are looking at operating system support, then we are more than willing to help with building/deploying drivers on BastionLinux.  We also have the ability to both monetise offerings through subscriptions and have an integrated billing solution.  Please do contact us to discuss being your infrastructure partner in getting to market.