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Zenoss 4 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Aug 14, 2012 08:15 PM
We've released Zenoss 4 RPM's for BastionLinux/RHEL6

We've been working on our Zenoss 4 release for some time, and now that Zenoss Inc. have made it official, are announcing our own offering, available on our Zenoss 4 channel here.


  • Zenoss 4 runs on our bulletproof Zope stack, the exact same version as our Zenoss 3, meaning much less risk for migrations
  • Our Zenoss 4 runs on Python 2.6, and we've worked really hard to use all the vendor-supplied packages possible so that your licensing support covers most of your critical Zenoss infrastructure
  • We use the Chameleon template rendering engine, giving you 20-50% faster Zentinel/portal performance
  • Our Zenoss 4 uses our standardised Monit for sophisticated startup/stop services dependency management
  • Our Zenoss 4 is completely granular to support large clustered, scaled, redundant deployments


Our Zenoss 4 is also available for other virtualisation platforms including VMWare, Qemu, and VirtualBox.  We will soon be releasing an Amazon Web Services AMI as we did for Zenoss 3.


Petition Us

We've a range of other features we're working on and if you support us, we'll work to making these available on PyPi.  Features we're very interested in delivering include:

  • Backporting ZEO (smaller sites don't gain any advantage by requiring RDBMS for Zope)
  • PostgreSQL support (we really like the PostgreSQL 9.1 replication solution for redundancy)
  • Oracle Support (our Zope/RelStorage has been industrially tested with MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle)
  • Automatic migration from Zenoss 3 to Zenoss 4 with our OpsCode/Chef infrastructure.
  • OpenSuSE/SLES port.  We have built and deployed our Zope/Zenoss RPM's on SLES
  • OpenJDK/Java/ZEP integration with your distro
  • Running ZEP on tomcat/jboss/websphere/weblogic


Register your interest

While we don't immediately recommend existing clients upgrade to Zenoss 4, we'd definitely like to hear from any and all interested parties ASAP so that we can gauge the breadth of migration requirements in the wild and how we can best focus on delivering a cost-effective solution across a body of customers.

We can immediately introduce you to our offerings (particularly Zenoss 2.x, 3.x) and discuss our structured migration approach to Zenoss 4 with you. 

There are a variety of ways to contact us: