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BastionLinux/OpenStack/Train Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Mar 08, 2020 09:25 PM
OpenStack/Train on BastionLinux
BastionLinux/OpenStack/Train Released

We're pleased to announce the general availability of our release of OpenStack/Train. This release is based upon Red Hat's RDO source code and our extensive Python stack, fully plugged into our Chef infrastructure for simple, granular clustered deployments. We are now able to take advantage of a lot of existing infrastructure to optimise the deployment and configuration of critical OpenStack infrastructure - and leverage off critical battle-hardened services common to our other offerings.

Release notes for Train are highlighted here and detailed here.

The noteable takeaways for our Train release is that it is deployed upon Python 3; and that we've ported all of the Django/Horizon to version 3.x. We are also now supporting deployment via OpenStack/Ansible. We have also shipped the Freezer DR suite Karbor Application Security/Data Loss Prevention suite.

You can find our OS/Infrastructure tool chain (Gerrit/Zuul/Jenkins) on AWS/Marketplace; and much more.

Do contact us to discuss how our OpenStack can help you.