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Managed Continuous Delivery


We're excited to offer a full remotely managed Jenkins, either in your datacentre or on a public cloud. It's very easy to participate in:

  1. setup/install your Gerrit/Jenkins/Zuul via our OpsCode/Chef recipes
  2. ensure all of these services are up/available via our Zenoss monitor (firewall and user access)
  3. sit back, enjoy full configuration management, patch and release management, system monitoring SLA management


by Alan Milligan last modified Sep 14, 2015 06:42 AM

Our OpenStack CI/CD suite - Gerrit,Zuul,Jenkins and more ...


OpenStack is pretty much the most hard-core Open Source programme of work - perhaps ever!  The OpenStack/Infrastructure team have developed and maintain a range of awesome tools to manage the insane workloads that assure trunk is never broken and of course to assure the myriad of participating vendor's disparate objectives.

We've taken all of these tools and packaged them so that you can bring them into your organisation and use this best of breed suite for your own application development and testing.  We've also got a range of other development and testing ecosystems integrated for use in this environment.

Source control is via Gerrit - which in addition to being a Git server, is a powerful source code review tool, has an advanced access policy framework, integrates with leading ticketing systems (Jira, Team City), is LDAP aware - and more.

Zuul is an automation/gating tool which coordinates (clustered) Jenkins for pre-review checks and post-review publication steps.

Jenkins hardly needs an introduction, it is the most popular open source continuous integration platform - by miles.  It's been around a long time and there is a massive range of integration plugins to all of the leading open and commercial source code control, automated testing, and automated deployment systems.  We use it, and we've assured it with our Enterprise stack - complete with our integrated SSO, orchestration, and Jenkins monitoring.

In addition, we do lots of functional and system testing via Selenium with Robotframework.  We've a wide range of tools integrating this with Jenkins too.

OpenStack isn't simply tools but an entire software lifecycle methodology.  Our consulting practice can help you fast-track your teams into the practices that will transform your organisational software delivery.