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Unlegacy IT Management

Zenoss Enterprise® is a model-driven management product that improves the delivery of IT service to business applications and supporting infrastructure in the dynamic datacenter. It's one product that unifies the management of physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures, no matter where they exist.

Ready for Prime Time

Find out why 75,000 users, and hundreds of brand name enterprises have said hello to Unlegacy IT management from Zenoss and goodbye to delayed projects, exorbitant costs, multi-product complexity, scale out issues, lousy support, and pricing that only a rocket scientist can understand.

Zenoss and Last Bastion Network

We've packaged a Zenoss channel atop our Zope and Plone channel, shipped with BastionLinux™ and compatible with other leading commercial distros.

Purchase Enterprise Zenoss® and get full deployment, integration and ongoing support from the Enterprise Zope experts down under.