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Zenoss 4 on AWS/EC2

by Alan Milligan last modified Oct 11, 2012 06:14 AM
We've released our Zenoss 4 AMI on Amazon/EC2!

We've released Zenoss 4 on BastionLinux/RPM as an AMI on AWS.  It's never been easier to kick the tyres of Zenoss 4!  Full instructions are here.

This is the exact same Zenoss/RPM Linux stack which we support on RHEL6.  This uses all of the native RHEL packages and is very fine-grained - it is not a single kitchen-sink RPM.  You still enjoy full support from Red Hat for most of the system software (Python, Java/Jetty, RabbitMQ) for your licence fee.  Our complete Zenoss 4 stack is viewable here.

We also have our Zenoss 3 application stack available as an AMI on AWS.  Our Zenoss 3 and Zenoss 4 actually run the exact same Zope Application Server versions.  This is specifically to support a seamless migration experience.  By having Zenoss 4 machine images available, we're making it incredibly easy to practice migrating critical Zenoss infrastructure from Zenoss 3 to Zenoss 4.  We also have Zenoss 2.x stacks available for those who've ignored their Zenoss spend for a couple of years.

Please do talk to us about our Chef-based automated migration suite - the most cost-effective way for you to upgrade your Zenoss!