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Pulp 2.10.0 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Sep 22, 2016 11:43 PM
Pulp 2.10.0 Released

Pulp 2.10.0 arrives!

Pulp is a platform for managing repositories of content, such as software packages, and pushing that content out to large numbers of consumers. If you want to locally mirror all or part of a repository, host your own content in a new repository, manage content from multiple sources in one place, and push content you choose out to large numbers of clients in one simple operation,

2.10.0 is a feature release with the following new features:

  • Multiple instances of pulp_resource_manager can now exist in parallel without interfering with each other. The original copy will now hold an exclusive lock until it dies or is killed, at which point another instance of pulp_resource_manager can acquire the lock and take its place.
  • A full re-sync can be forced with a ‘force_full’ option. It will trigger full sync where no sync optimization will be applied or steps skipped. This option can be used by force_full option in override_config via API or --force-full via CLI.
  • RPM, ISO, and Docker repositories can be published using the new rsync distributors. These distributors afford Pulp users to rsync repositories to remote servers.

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