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Plone 4.2.4 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Jan 26, 2013 01:44 PM
We've now released Plone 4.2.3 on BastionLinux and RHEL6

Plone 4.2.4 is a minor release that includes many bug fixes, and offers a seamless upgrade from previous versions.  Official Plone 4.2.4 release notes can be found here.

System upgrade on BastionLinux or RHEL is trivial:

$ yum upgrade


Plone 4.2.4 and much more Zope and Plone is available on our plope channel here.

A big thanks to Eric Steele and the Plone release team for their efforts. 

Check out our ZopeMonitor ZenPack for Zenoss enterprise monitoring of Zope and Plone application servers.

BastionLinux/Plone is available on Amazon Web Services/EC2.  Visit here for AMI's and instructions.  Enquire directly for our VMWare/vSphere and other target platform images.