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OpenCrowbar Released

by Alan Milligan last modified May 24, 2014 01:03 PM
OpenCrowbar Released

OpenCrowbar is the V2.0 successor to Crowbar, which we've been tracking for some time now.  From the OpenCrowbar homepage:

The principal motivation for creation of OpenCrowbar is the transition a from bare metal installer into a tool that manages ongoing operations. OpenCrowbar enables upgrade and continuous deployment automation. This capability is important for large scale deployments of evolving complex projects like OpenStack, Hadoop, and Ceph.

OpenCrowbar provides the foundation for operations automation. OpenCrowabr is an open reference implementation that can be reliably deployed in large-scale, multi-site datacenters. This effectively productizes best practices in a way that allows cration of consistent and discoverable operating environments. Users benefit with fast time-to-value and we benefit by having consistent installations across the ecosystem.

Dell has recently announced that it is stepping back from OpenCrowbar and handing it over to the community.  This is a very positive move because the suite has always been vendor-agnostic and this is aimed at encourgaging wide adoption.

We have just released the OpenCrowbar suite for BastionLinux™.  These packages are also compatible with RHEL7, very soon to land.

Included in our OpenCrowbar ecosystem is the latest Docker, our hardened Chef, our RDO-based OpenStack, and Zenoss monitoring.

Getting BastionLinux™/OpenCrowbar is easy.  Follow the download links for your preferred platform here.  We're very interested in your feedback and helping with ongoing support, use, features and maintenance of OpenCrowbar.