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BastionLinux 19/Plone Released

by Alan Milligan last modified May 24, 2014 07:58 PM
BastionLinux 19/Plone Released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, in beta, is very close to release.  Our binary-compatible BastionLinux19 is now out with Zenoss, Chef, Plone, OpenStack, Asterisk, 389 Directory Server, and much more.  Just as Red Hat does long term support, this is our long term platform for delivery and support of critical cloud infrastructure.

Major changes from BastionLinux13 include Gnome 3 desktop, systemd daemon initialisation, journald system logging, Python2.7, Ruby2.0, MariaDB.


Upgrading your Plone

The Plone stack on BastionLinux 19 is exactly the same point release as BastionLinux 13.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to do an in situ upgrade.  But all that you need to do is install the same packages from our Plone repository and copy/migrate your backend - Zope/ZODB, Zope/ZEO, or Zope/RDBMS:

oldserver $ rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME} "
oldserver $ scp -rp /var/lib/zope/* root@newserver:/var/lib/zope

newserver $ yum install <paste names>

We have an extensive and sophisticated range of OpsCode/Chef recipes to manage and migrate Plone clusters on a range of physical and virtual platforms.


Plone on Raspberry Pi

Yes - we've not only got Plone running on Raspberry Pi, but set up and management with our Opscode/Chef and monitoring with Zenoss.  Even with Squid acceleration, it's not exactly rocketing, but it is the smallest and lowest power hardware platform for your ECM. 


Getting BastionLinux™

BastionLinux 19 is available on a range of virtualisation platforms including VMWare, Qemu, and Docker.  It will soon be available in AWS/Marketplace.  Download instructions are here.