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BastionLinux19/Chef 11 Beta

by Alan Milligan last modified Jun 17, 2014 03:07 PM

We've been no fans on Omnibus-style all-one-packaging (nor Vagrant/VirtualBox VM fans) and have been hesitant to move to Chef 11 - and a completely rejigged system to release Chef.  But finally, it's here ...

Our Chef 11 aims to use as much of your RPM distribution packages as possible.  This includes native Ruby, Erlang, Java, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ so you can enjoy vendor support for critical software infrastructure.  We've RPM-packaged everything else too - we already have an extensive Ruby stack and we've packaged/released a lot more Erlang, and ensured that no git repositories are extracted into any release.

BastionLinux 19 is compatible with RHEL7, and uses systemd infrastructure for background/daemon processes. 

Our Chef/Erchef software is granular (approx 30 Erlang packages + separate Ruby gem RPMs etc) and designed for clustered deployment.  We have our own Chef/recipe infrastructure to setup and configure all of the Chef components.  We are still supporting our Chef 10 releases (they share exactly the same point-releases of underlying Ruby gems) and building and testing the pieces to run Chef 10 and Chef 11, Knife 10 and Knife 11 installations on the same server and a clean migration path around this.  Package details are on our cloud channel here:


We also do cloud-scale monitoring with Zenoss,  and Enterprise SSO, so look out for future integration efforts around Erlang/SNMP and Erlang/LDAP from us.  In addition, we'll be integrating this Chef 11 with our OpenStack and Crowbar efforts.

BastionLinux 19 is available on a range of virtualisation platforms including VMWare, Qemu, and Docker.  It will soon be available in AWS/Marketplace.  Download instructions are here.

If you're working on any of these technologies and would like to trial and/or test on your systems, then please do contact us.