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BastionLinux 19 Amazon/Marketplace AMIs

by Alan Milligan last modified Nov 05, 2014 03:14 AM
BastionLinux 19 Amazon/Marketplace AMIs

After a rather protracted process dealing with the Marketplace Sellers Operations team and dealing with Shellshocked, we've finally managed to get our BastionLinux 19-based Chef, Plone, and Zenoss AMI's onto Amazon Web Services.

BastionLinux 19 is compatible with Red Hat Linux 7 and CentOS 7.  It features systemd, firewalld, Python 2.7, Ruby 2.0, cloud-init and other leading edge Linux tools and utilities.

The AMI's are available in all AWS regions now.

Instructions for using these haven't changed, although application passwords now default to the id of the running instance.

In addition to these offerings, we've been releasing some exciting product around LDAP/SAML, OpenStack, and .NET/Mono.  Don't hesitate to contact us for more details.