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Bastion Products and Services Prices and Fees

We support our BastionLinux™ range of products and services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and across a range of public/private Cloud/Virtualisation platforms. We are experts in delivering the tools to lower the TCO of your infrastructure and software whilst meeting all of your governance and risk requirements.

Product/Service Description RRP Unit
AIM Subscription Subscription to our BastionLinux/Access and Identity Management (SSO/LDAP et al) channel AUD 5,000.00 per annum
Plone Subscription Subscription to our BastionLinux/Zope and Plone channel for patches and upgrade to Enterprise Plone AUD 5,000.00 per annum
RPM Manager/Builder Subscription Subscription to our BastionLinux/RPM channel for RPM package building, staging, and releasing AUD 5,000.00 per annum
Zenoss Subscription Subscription to our BastionLinux/Zenoss network monintoring and management channel AUD 10,000.00 per annum
Chef Subscription Subscription to our BastionLinux/Opscode/Chef cloud configuration management channel AUD 10,000.00 per annum
Cloud Configuration Subscription to our cloud management service to configure/reconfigure any server for which you've a BastionLinux subscription AUD 2,000.00 per annum per server
Monitoring/NOC Our Zenoss Network Operations Centre can monitor your BastionLinux infrastructure AUD 5,000.00 per annum per server
Chef/Cookbook We can make our cloud cookbook configuration infrastructure available to your organisation to run privately to configure Plone, Chef, Zenoss, AIM servers AUD 5,000.00 per annum per server
Consulting - Architecture UNIX and Linux infrastructure, security, and applications architecture consulting AUD 1,400.00 per day
Consulting - Developer Operations Specialist Dev/Ops consulting - Chef, Zenoss, infrastructure applications (Email, LDAP, DNS, Cloud/EC2)... AUD 1,000.00 per day
Consulting - Application Development UNIX/Linux C/C++/Python/Perl/Java/Ruby Plone, Zope, Zenoss, ZenPacks ... AUD 1,000.00 per day

Please do contact us for a quote and to discuss our special offers and discounts. If you operate within classical development, test, production, DR silo's, we're definitely able to offer you substantial discounts.

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