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1-2-3 Engaging with Us

Working with Last Bastion Network has never been easier. We are very structured, process driven, and transparent with our basic P3 premise outlined below working very well for most of our customers. If you have internal infrastructure you'd prefer we use, please do ask as we are more than prepared to be flexible.


We are happy to provide a quoted rate for anything, however we only do fixed-price quotes for BastionLinux™-based solutions. This is because we need to be assured about the software, versions, and patch-level of the underlying system to meet our budgeted projections (and contrary to what you may believe, systems like Zenoss are not directly fit for purpose out of the box).

We use BastionLedger™ for formal quotes in your local currency. Our quotes do have flexible expiry dates, but if you procrastinate, you may find other customer work affects initially promised delivery times.

In some circumstances you may be required to sign a Non-disclosure agreement, but mostly we don't require any formal terms of engagment, with the honouring of our invoices the only obligation.



We set you up an account on this portal and all of your work requests are ticketed in our helpdesk. This is fully workflowed and you can see status, progress, Gantt chart's, costs, estimated time to completions online.

We will charge a setup fee if your estimated long-term spend with us is less than USD 5,000.00.

Ongoing deliverables are managed by writing code, Subversion, RPM, and egg deployment (all hosted on LBN on your behalf). We conduct regular Skype conference calls and encourage one-on-one interaction with any internal resources your organisation wishes to participate in the programme of work.

We can offer our PMOBoss™ suite if your organisation has MSProject expertise or there is a significant amount of work and high-level stakeholders.



We bill in your local currency. We invoice via email and try to get the first invoice underway very early into the engagement simply because internation debt collection is a tricky business.

Payment is via Telegraphic Transfer or PayPal. All necessary payment instructions are on the invoice which will always be emailed to you (and any time upon request).

Account statements, order placements, and PayPal payment facilities are available from this portal via your login account.

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